I have some time to draw but I can’t produce anything decent hererrjfnwewhyfak

hopebiscuit hat gesagt: psy yi yiiiiiiiii >//v//<

? XD

when a follower writes a nice short kinky fanfiction as a gift

Anonymous sent: y u no finish ur pics anymore? D:

Because I’m a lazy fuck

no seriously tho soon my finals are over and I will try to make something decent

Anonymous sent: Hi, I've recently watched you on DA and followed you on Tumblr and I just wanted to say that I love your drawings! Just browsing through them all makes me smile, especially the Sonic ones and the NSFW mmmm! (I'm a big Sonic fangirl) It's so amazing and you inspire me! Sorry I'm a shy anon

nice to hear that, you’re no shy anon, you’re a great anon :D

i will try to deliver more and maybe one day you will stop being anon?

Anonymous sent: not the same anon but if you do some rwby stuff can you please do some jaune and yang? because girls who protect their boyfriends are awesome. (I can dream)

whaaat no jaune goes with phyrra

Anonymous sent: Please please please do more RWBY

and what exactly? o:

Just browsing the web and noticed how great Samus from Metroid is ⊙﹏⊙

I wonder if one day I can make a legendary Samus fanart, she’s so gorgeous and kinky

Guess I should really play Super Metroid one day.

awkwardgardener asked for Zero Suit Samus yesterday!
I made a Ridley/Samus Set but they dont look so good
May for go-10 who asked for a poke girl :D
was really tempted to make a lewd drawing&#8230; I&#8217;m never sure when or when not
btw I never played the Hoenn games.

when you’re drawing and you’re not sure if you want to draw the character in a lewd way or not

Reblog if it’s okay to draw lewds of your OCs


(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) anytime bby~


Icom&#8217;s Succubus who did drew my Kingdom Hearts gijinka for me a few weeks ago!
First request so far, now let&#8217;s see what I can do next&#8230;