bluc's snorlax Bento ;v;

le wip from the other day finished!

THAT MIGHT BE SUPER CHEAP but an anon asked for Xj-9 and I remembered this one from a long while ago. Gonna still do another request tho lol

hmm I feel like doing one last quick request for today but I kinda lost track of them because you dorks keep requesting silly stuff ಠ ›ಠ XD

so is there something neat you’d like to see?

Anonymous sent: Would Blaze the Cat+Big the Cat be more palatable?

Anonymous sent: have you tried playing with emofuri yet?


stoicsilence said: how do u hate any sonic gurl

I’m a complicated individual

Anonymous sent: blaze/cream please. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

but I hate cream

Anon asked for a cummy version of my last Yang drawing o:I took the chance because I have barely any experience with drawing cum. Actually almost none
Anonymous sent: Oh my god thank you so much for doing that request! It looks great! I don't normally follow nsfw blogs but I'm making the exception for you dude you earned it!

welcome to the dark side

Anonymous sent: Have you ever tried making a gif? i mean, your art alone is great but i just ask this to make it a bit of a challenge i guess

Yep I tried a few times! and here too

but Im not so good at it and its very time consuming o:

because a couple of Anons asked for Rouge/Amy and Yuri requests are always great!
but maybe it was always the same anon who spammed my inbox…anyway thank you guys for the requests I get ;v; I cant work on all of them tho

sometimes I wonder if the faces I draw are crooked or something?

and then I look at them for a while and then everything about them looks wrong

pururuto sent: is it possible to have a amy gijinka from sonic? :>


tabletorgy has you covered. XD

about to scare some people with my nasty blog

after numerous requests I decided to sketch Vanilla o:
I’m still waiting for someone to request nsfw of Perci, that new hedgehog lady pffryou dorks
request for anon guy!