Anonymous sent: Are you a fan of Fire Emblem: Awakening?? :3


Tho I never played it myself, I only watched my girlfriend play it

Lon’qu is the coolest stabbing bro
Severa is the waifu of the game
Tiki tho

My face when I noticed Viera’s don’t have cute bunny tails

Easter request!
Fran from Final Fantasy XII for soubriquetherouge and the other guys who asked for bunny girls!I hope this counts as an kawaii bunny girl
EDIT: fixed the boobs a bit

does somebody have a cool easter-related request?

Because I’m desperate and devastated and trying to distract myself


this is my way of saying thanks to Tablet Orgy for the awesome Tifa & Aerith pic he did for me :D
sure hope he can see this ‘cause I have no idea how to send it to him

yaaaaaaassss thank you **v**I never got anything for doing requests so thank you very much!!


I’m really incapable and stupid?

go-10 asked for Tifa/Aerith
btw, not much going on here, I guess everbody is busy searching for easter eggs o:

when someone really cool likes a drawing of you

Hey! Finally starting to work on requests, sorry man
Anyway, missmomomiya asked for some Blaze/Amy
I guess Amy likes to flirt with the beastly cast of the sonic team


don’t send me nudes

send me noots


hey guys,

do you think the way I handle requests and suggestions is okay?
Whenever I ask for them I usually wait for a few replies, then I take the most interesting ones and make them happen.
I hope nobody is sad when I don’t draw their request :[

With that said, anyone interested in nsfw requests?

when everything you draw suck but you keep drawing

it’s really hard to come up with a monster design for a guy thats threatening, good looking, powerful and sexy at the same time

I wish I had more chances to draw my OCs

because I want to draw a lot of nsfw kinky smut with them

and with your OC. And yours. And yours too.

I totally feel like playing Dirge of Cerberus again

back then I was too young to care about reviews and popular opinions, did everybody hate the game back then like everything else?